One Handed Video Game Controller Design a one-handed video game controller that has an aesthetic appeal to people outside of the accessibility community


  • Used Sketching, Clay modeling, and later 3D modeling and printing to create prototypes
  • Conducted research to understand how people would use two-handed controller
  • Currently Ongoing: Working on several revisions to the shape of the controller

Selected Clay Prototypes

This picture highlights the many clay prototypes that I created
Before the building of the 3D models, I created many clay prototypes in order to identify shapes that I found appealing and would create a good shape for the placement of the buttons.

Evolution of Controllers

This picture shows the evolution of the three-d printed controllers.">
This pictures highlights an evolution of the 3D models that my controller models have undergone.

User Research

This picture show me testing how people outside of myself would use a video game controller with just one hand.
I conducted tests to investigate how people who could use both hands would interact with several different types of video game controllers when I requested them to use one-hand.

3D Printing

This pictures shows the 3D Printer in action.
For the first prototype, I used a 3D printer myself in order to test the shape.